Residential Architecture:

High End Custom Homes, Semi-Custom Homes, Historic Urban In-fill, Town-homes/Row Houses,  Multifamily Condos/Apartments, “Plan Collection” Development, Affordable Housing


Commercial Architecture:

Specializing in TND Types, such as, Live Work” Buildings, Mixed-use Buildings, Civic Buildings, Etc.


Town Architect: (Director of Design)

Creating/Defining Development Standards, Selecting “Approved” Product Manufacturers/Vendors, Establishing Design Review Procedures, Construction Implementation Review, General Development Guidance


Charrette Architect:  

Photo/Documenting Local Precedent, Discovering/Defining/Establishing Local “Indigenous” Character, Concept Type Explorations per Character  (Single Family, Row House, LW, Mixed-Use, Civic, Etc.), Concept Plan Elevation Design, Perspective Studies/Renderings, Pattern Book


Traditional Design Consultant:

Existing Design Review/Analysis, Traditional Detail/Principle Assessment Design “Mark-ups”/”Re-skins”, General Guidance, Traditional Principle/Design Presentations/Seminars


Residential Plan Collection(s):

Craft Design Studio has a growing collection of “house plans” that can be purchased at “plan book” comparable rates, with options of “localization” Elevation “Re-skinning”, Alternate Elevations, Plan Options, Plan Modification/Customization, Etc. 


Pattern Book:

Pattern Books can be used to help establish and define appropriate details and design characteristics for the local historic architecture of a Region, Town or Community.  They can also act as a Development document for establishing desired standards for architectural character/quality.  Pattern Books can help to give direction and guidance for Architects, Builders, and Owners.


“Re-Skin” Studies:

“Re-skinning” refers to developing exterior elevation drawings of a house/building with the goal of improving the design, composition, detailing, etc.  When it comes to traditional architecture, there are indeed “right” and “wrong” ways to design and build, according to classical/traditional principles.  Unfortunately many architects/designers/builders, do not know, or take seriously “authentic” traditional architecture.  Craft Design Studio can take schematic, conceptual, or existing designs and provide “re-skin” overlay studies, to investigate possible design alternatives to “improve” the design.  Great design doesn’t have to cost more, it generally just involves re-arranging current elements and features, to improve composition, massing, proportions, and details.